6 Reasons to Hire React.js and React Native Developers with Mazegeek

Top tech talent

We have access to over 166,000 developers in Ukraine skilled in a wide range of technologies and frameworks. With Daxx, you’ll be able to hire a React.js developer with expertise in the following technologies: JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Redux, Jest, Flux, MobX, Styled-Components, CSS-Modules, Webpack, Babel, Enzyme, HTML, CSS, SASS, and LESS.

Smart selection

The selection of React and React Native developers will be 100% tailored to your requirements and business needs. You'll be able to personally interview, test, and approve each member of your remote development team.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum amount of resources do I need to engage?

  • You can hire as little as 1 resource from us to fulfill your need. You can scale up easily as your need grows.

Would it be possible to work on a pilot project before engaging?

  • Yes, absolutely! We would love to work on a pilot project with you. You will get to know our ability and we will be able to learn about the project.

What security measures do you have to protect my intellectual property?

  • We have in place NDAs, Restricted Access, Smart ID cards, Security Cameras, Firewall and others