About Us

Since our inception in 2016, we have relentlessly pursued excellence in creating the best solutions for our clients. Our motto has been set from the start to rack our collective brains and constantly push the envelope of what can be done with our technical prowess.

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Our Story

We are problem solvers. We wanted our name to reflect that very fact. After brainstorming what the name of our company should be, we settled on MazeGeek. We help our clients to find their way out of the “Maze” or problems in which they find themselves to be lost. And we are the “Geek” or solution to their problems. That’s how we became MAZEGEEK.

Our Vision

To pioneer highly sophisticated software solutions to contribute to the technological integration and evolution within the business world.

Our Values

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No matter what we put our clients above all else without exception and work towards giving them the possible service.

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Team Oriented

We always work in teams to benefit from the collaboration of multiple “idea-generators” and formulate the best possible solution

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Our success is derived from the trust of our clients that we have earned through hard work and delivering quality output

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We tackle all problems head- on and chase after the optimal solution in a steadfast manner.

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Forever Students

For us, learning never stops. We seize every opportunity to learn something new to better ourselves to serve our clients better.

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Forward Thinkers

You will find the team lead assigned to you available during your work hours and the rest of your team will also maintain overlapping hours.

Grow strong with us.